Welcome to StarGazer @Sofia Sky Archive Data Center!

Stargazer is a web based system for star map drawing. Currently it works with GSC-ACT, SAO, YBS, a subset of USNO-A2 and several other catalogs.


StarGazer Version 1.4.1 available (17 Jun 2012)
User interface tweaks.

StarGazer Version 1.4.0 available (24 Oct 2010)
New feature: Map flipping. Several bigfixes.

StarGazer has stars up to 21m (23 Oct 2010)
The USNO A2 catalog is fully available to StarGazer with its 481 759 522 stars. This way the StarGazer's database grew from little over 60 000 000 to more than 540 000 000 stars.

StarGazer has a new home (13 Oct 2010)
The new home of Stargazer is http://stargazer.skyarchive.org
The old URL (http://www.skyarchive.org/stargazer) is not valid any more.

StarGazer v1.3.0 available (11 Nov 2005)
Variable Stars Calalogues support added.

StarGazer mirror removed (21 Nov 2004)
The home of stargazer became Sofia Sky Archive Data Center. http://www.skyarchive.org/stargazer
The mirror at the Institute of astronomy is removed.

New StarGazer mirror (21 Oct 2002)
New StarGazer mirror available at Sofia Sky Archive Data Center. http://www.skyarchive.org/stargazer

StarGazer FAQ available (17 Jun 2002)
The first StarGazer FAQ is now available here. You can find some tips on searching and getting finding charts, and the answers to some questions already asked.

StarGazer v1.2.1 available (13 Mar 2002)
Little work on catalog names I have done to avoid ambiguity in naming convention.

StarGazer v1.2 available (11 Mar 2002)
Cheers!!!! Object Search added. There are also some cross-references between certain catalogs.

StarGazer v1.1.4 available (4 Mar 2002)
Grid labeling is fixed I hope. Do not hesitate to drop me an e-mail if there are some problems or you if have any suggestions at rumen_at_skyarchive.org.

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